The Italian Board Airline Representatives – I.B.A.R. – is the trade association for online/offline airline industry. It was legally incorporated in 1986, but operated on an informal basis since the early 1960’s.
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommend that a Board of Airline Representatives (BAR) be established in each country where civil aviation plays an important role of business life in Italy.
There are 57 airline members, national and foreign airlines (the latter being the majority).
The President and 6 Vice Presidents who make up the Executive Board are volunteers elected by the general membership.
The Company’s objectives are as follows:

  •     To encourage, promote, safeguard the interests of the airline industry;
  •     Ensure that directives/rules/regulations from the E.U. are implemented and properly perceived by the local authorities;
  •     Keep close contact with the various Bodies (AEA/IATA);
  •     Assist the airline community to maintain its position as a major force in Europe and the wider world of aviation;
  •     Keep our members up to date with industrial and governmental developments that may affect their ability to conduct business;
  •     Advise and lobby on behalf of our members on a range of issues that include politics, regulations, legal and financial matters.

I.B.A.R. represent at moment over 75% of the total air traffic in Italy both for aircraft movements and passengers. With more than 100 millions of passengers transported by its associated members.


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